Cul&Co Team
Tash is the human dynamo who started Culpepper & Co. Inspiring creative director, skilled account manager and just plain great to work with, she won't thank us for revealing she's been designing (beautifully) for over 25 years.
Mike is our secret weapon. He understands strange languages such as HTML5, PHP and MySQL – which make him a whizz on the web. He's also a dab hand with Photoshop and video. How does it all fit in one brain?
Ben is our brand-meister. Part psychologist, part strategist, part business guru, he translates all that know-how into brilliant concepts and designs that make clients swoon with delight. Being friendly and approachable helps too.
Watson is our canine team member. He has dogged determination, an astonishing sense of smell and a passion for chasing pretty much anything that catches his interest – as long as it's considerably smaller than he is.