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Natasha Willmore
"I am based here in the Cotswolds, the most beautiful place I think to be, surrounded by lots of inspiration and the shed here is full of all the work that we've done.
I work from home, I'm a Mummy, I work with a team of people who are also parents, we all work together so that we have the flexibility to be able to look after our children.
Our clients are really varied. I've got a wonderful selection of clients and I consider many of them to be friends. I think the only way we work is we put on our muddy boots and really get to know their businesses. They can be anybody from a one man band, to work just a new business start up right through to international companies and that's the beauty of the work we do. Nobody's too big and nobody's too small."

Julian Davey
Hartley & Tissier
"We were looking for a corporate image to launch the company to the UK market, I asked Tash to do a presentation, the work she presented to me we knew instantly that we'd chosen correctly. We all agreed unanimously on the logo and corporate image choice from the folio and we've used her on every project ever since."

Anna MacCurrach
Love my Cow/Toast the Cotswolds
"My business which I launched called Toast the Cotswolds so she did everything for that branding, all the logos, the websites, all the postcards, and I think I probably burst into tears when I first saw it because it just was fantastic. With the other projects that she has done for us as well the website a huge success with Love my Cow with our customers just being able to see what we have got in."

Kristie Bendall
Fasit Security
"We found that really there was two extremes, the guy who could just take a pre-done website and modify it a little bit for us at one end of the scale and then at the opposite end of the scale being hugely expensive, agency type solution, so we felt really that Culpepper & Co sat quite nicely in the middle of that."

Patrick Bourns
CackleBean Eggs
"To have a design for an egg business that wasn't typical of any other type of egg business. We were just kind of overwhelmed at the end result really and I think it was like, you know more than what we expected. They really did listen to us."

Emma Walton
Clear Headed Communications
"They were very good at pulling out of me who I was and what I was all about and I've seen it with Tash with other clients and she has never got it wrong."

Anna MacCurrach
"You just know that it's just great value for money because you are getting, you just seem to be get so much more than just the work because you get Tash and her team as well and it's just brill."

Julian Davey
"Tash has always been able to grasp exactly what we're after and put it into whatever media she's working on for us. The financial results, success, way outweighed any outlay that we've put into it."

James Alexander
"Illustration Tash gives me an enormous amount of creative freedom so she'll describe the project, she'll describe what she needs from it and then she'll leave it up to me to come up with an image, a solution. She's just such a tidal wave of enthusiasm. She's an unstoppable machine, she is, if you like living proof that the best things come in small, well designed packages."

Natasha Willmore
"Everybody in the team, we all work together to collaborate, to bring it all together but it is all done with passion and with love and that's how we are. One of my clients said to me, oh you know, you act as if it's your business that we're working with and I said, well, it is."