The Fun & Foxy Tale of a Responsible Rebrand: Cotswold Baby Co

We have recently been working on a really fun and rewarding project with much-loved local brand, Cotswold Baby Co., and wanted to share a few special details with you, the Culpepper Family.

Cotswold Baby Co Logo

The Fun and Foxy Tale of Cotswold Baby Co.

Cotswold Baby Co Box

Cotswold Baby Co, was started by Kate and Rachael, who had been friends since University, sharing many of life’s milestones from weddings to babies. In recent years they successfully developed an online clothing and gift business that celebrates the countryside and farming, featuring a range of charming characters that delight both little ones and their parents.

Increased orders over lockdown resulted in a larger audience of engaged customers, all keen for a wider range of characters, products and brands. It was time to appraise the business, make some tweaks and introduce a fresh new look. Kate and Rachael got in touch, and we spent a fab afternoon at The Find, delving into the world of Bertie the Fox Cub and his friends, defining core values, and pinning down dream outcomes for the business and its customers.

An item high on the agenda was sustainability. It was vital to create stunning packaging that is kind to the environment.

Cotswold Baby Co Child with box

We designed recycled boxes that can be reused in the most joyful ways, including colouring-in and den-making, before being recycled once again.

We sourced innovative compostable posting bags and planet-friendly padding, meaning that the beautiful Cotswold Baby Co. gifts and clothes can safely reach their new homes, with minimal harm to the planet.

Cotswold Baby Co Fox

Bespoke illustrations were created so that Bertie the Fox Cub, Cotswold Baby Co.’s mischievous mascot, could be given a new lease of life with wellies and a scarf, as well as a soft tail tucked cosily around his paws. He also received a new sidekick, Woody the Acorn, who is bursting with knowledge about the natural world, and the little things we can do to protect it.

Cotswold Baby Co Illustration
Cotswold Baby Co Acorn

We revealed the wonders of Bertie and Woody’s world with a hand-drawn map featuring the various characters’ habitats, just perfect for colouring-in. Children can also explore the wild outdoors with hand drawn activity sheets that are free to download from the newly designed Cotswold Baby Co. website. Cotswold Baby Co. has a new strapline, tone of voice and various examples of fresh content, as well as a tool kit of brand attributes that are ready to be used across all their communication channels.

Cotswold Baby Co Fox Animation

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