Creative Power Hour

Motivation, clarity and a plan for success.

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Thank you for visiting the Power Hour booking page, I’m here to help and can’t wait to spend a constructive and inspiring hour with you soon.

Firstly, I know how incredibly hard small businesses and charities are having to work at the moment, and I know that for many, money is tight. In these challenging times it is so important to schedule regular touchpoints with your audience, but you may feel limited by budget, unsure of what to say, and too short on time to make a start.

Creative Power Hour

How does it work?

I have created the Culpepper Power Hour as an affordable, fast way to straighten out your key business objectives, identify profitable opportunities, and begin to formulate a straightforward and achievable plan for a successful year.

Join me for an hour-long structured call that will provide you with headspace to consider your key business goals, a motivational boost and, most importantly, everything we need to create a clear, workable plan for the coming months.

Does this sound familiar?

“Money is too tight for comms”

For just £200 you will receive an intensive consultancy session with a highly experienced creative director (me!) You will take away a powerful strategy for success, manageable next steps, renewed focus and a timely energy boost.

“I don’t have anything to say”

You will be amazed at how much content we can unearth together during this session. We will combine your knowledge & expertise, sector activity, testimonials and so much more to create an engaging content strategy.

“I simply don’t have the time”

Lack of time is a very real problem. This intensive, high value session will only take an hour but has the power to produce sensational results for your business. The Culpepper team can be booked to carry out all actions from the meeting, leaving you free to focus on your own to do list.

Creative Power Hour

The Power Hour fee is £200 and they are available on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Please choose an available day and time that works for you and reserve your slot in the calendar below.

You will receive an email confirming your booking with an optional short questionnaire. You can choose to submit some brief thoughts about business before we meet, or come to the call completely fresh; both work perfectly for me.