Our story

The Culpepper & Co Creative Family is a growing community of artistically and technically skilled individuals who work together to produce intuitive brand support for small, independent businesses in the Cotswolds and beyond.

Working with entrepreneurs

Whether you are launching a fledgling business or running a well-established enterprise, we provide strategic brand advice to entrepreneurs with wonderful dreams. We help you to understand the true strength of your offering, define (or redefine) your own dreams for the business, and then plan how they can be achieved.

The Culpepper team will provide exceptional, original brand designs that reflect your business’s core values and speak directly to your audience. We then take enormous pride watching as your business plans take root and flourish, helping along the way with anything you may need from.

As a part of the Culpepper Family, our local, national and global clients continue to benefit from ongoing creative support in the form of digital marketing, website creation, illustration, copywriting, print, photography and video. In addition, I will always only be a phone call away with emotional support and strategic advice, ready to help you deal with any challenges that may come your way.

Tash's story

I’ve been no stranger to dealing with unexpected challenges, which I think makes me a good person to have on your side when you’re managing the ups and downs of life in charge of a small business. I left a successful role at a Cheltenham agency to set up my own business in 2005, but was seriously injured in a road accident on my last day. This left me jobless and bed-bound with a long recovery ahead. Determination to succeed, a phone, laptop and my wonderful contacts, meant that I was able to build up my business with clients sitting beside my bed, discussing their brand and shaping their business strategy.

Due to an amazing network of talented creatives, I began distributing elements of work to others, mingling my own direction and creative skills with the expert offerings of web design, copywriting and fellow graphic creatives. This business model has now worked for Culpepper & Co for 16 years, and I’m so proud of the superb work that we have created in that time.

I’ve been told that I have a unique ability to draw truth, clarity and creative excellence from both clients and colleagues, and I highly value kindness as one of the rarer, but more important qualities of good business relationships. I provide bucket-loads of positivity, hope and enthusiasm for everyone I work with because I truly believe in their dreams, talents and determination to succeed.